Car Service

Regular car service appointments will help your car last and hold its value longer, while keeping you safe on the road. Looking after your vehicle with regular service appointments will help you save money in the long run, and will ensure the safety of you and your passengers.

Select the servicing package you need from our available options, or give us a call and we can help you determine exactly what you need:

  1. Basic – We cover all the basics in this thorough service – great for in-between service appointments or when you want to check a couple of things (from $220, incl GST).
  2. Standard – Our most popular type of service appointment and your best value for money to look after your vehicle regularly (from $270, incl GST).

Brake Check

It’s your worst nightmare – driving along, you attempt to stop, and your brakes fail. It’s not always as you see it in the movies, though. Sometimes a brake failure is a slow and gradual process, making your car unsafe to drive without you even realising it.

Having your brakes checked on a regular basis is absolutely essential so you don’t end up in that scenario where a sudden, severe brake failure results in a serious accident.

A brake check involves:

  • checking your brake pads for damage or signs of wear
  • checking your brake fluid
  • checking your brake pedal
  • checking your brake lines/hoses
  • checking your parking brake system

Transmission Service


It’s important to have your transmission regularly checked and serviced in order to keep your car on the road longer and safer. Preventative transmission maintenance will also help you avoid more complicated and expensive transmission problems later on.

We are experienced Auckland mechanics who can service manual or automatic transmissions, older models as well as newer computer-controlled transmissions. Our transmission service consists of a comprehensive visual inspection, fluid check, road test and on-board diagnostics (OBD) computer scan. If further diagnostic work is required, we can remove, disassemble and inspect the transmission

Air Conditioning Servicing

$290 including GST

Checking your vehicle’s A/C once a year will help it run more efficiently, using less fuel. It also helps prevent aircon gases being emitted into the atmosphere. 

Our state-of-the-art air conditioning service equipment enables us to provide you with a comprehensive air conditioning service that includes cleaning and recycling your vehicle’s aircon gas, topping it up, and checking that the aircon compressor is working properly.

Our aircon equipment is eco-friendly as it recycles the gas and minimises the gas waste that could eventually end up in the atmosphere.

Tyre Care Package

$170 including GST

We’ll also adjust the tyre pressure as needed, balance all four wheels, rotate the tyres if needed, and provide a final Wheel Alignment report.

We recommend you have your tyres checked regularly, which may be every six months or every 8000 kms for an “average” driver.

For your WOF, the current requirement for tyre tread depth is a minimum of 1.5mm. We strongly advise you have an experienced auto mechanic check this for you. Driving on worn or old tyres can be a serious safety risk.

Pre-Purchase Car Inspection

$170 including GST

If you’re considering purchasing a used vehicle, bring it in to us for an accurate pre-purchase inspection to make sure you’re not buying a lemon. We’ll provide a:

  • Full mechanical report
  • Full underbody check
  • Visual rust report
  • Bumper to bumper exterior report

If we discover that the vehicle needs a wheel alignment, we can provide one for an additional $65 (incl GST).

Pre Purchase Inspection T&Cs

Wheel Alignment

$90 including GST

Having a wheel alignment is one of the most essential services your vehicle needs. It keeps you safe, helps you save on fuel, and improves the suspension and performance of your vehicle.

We not only check that all four tyres are lined up straight and not angled to one side, we also include a full Toe Adjustment, and Camber & Caster adjustment.


$70 including GST

Bring your vehicle in to see us before you need your next Warrant of Fitness (WOF). We are experienced and equipped to work with most makes and models of cars, utes, SUVs, vans, small trucks – European, Japanese, American, diesel, petrol, EV, hybrid – you name it, we can service it.

We’ll make sure your car is safe to pass its WOF by checking essential elements such as its tyre condition, brakes, lights, safety belts, fuel system etc.

Talk to us about coordinating your regular vehicle service dates with your WOF renewal. We have a number of service and pricing options to choose from.