Car Service Auckland – Petrol Car Service Pricing

At Roskill Auto Mechanical, we passionately believe in honesty and transparency with our customers. We’re known for our customer service and reliability – giving you peace of mind and reassurance when you need it.

We also believe in fair pricing.

When it comes to having regular service appointments for your vehicle, we owe it to you to offer fair and honest pricing.

How much does it cost to service a petrol car in Auckland?

When you talk to the experienced team at Roskill Auto Mechanical about car servicing, we’ll take several factors into consideration to make sure you’re getting the most appropriate service frequency and the best level of service for your vehicle.

We’ll look at:

  • the age of your vehicle
  • the condition of your vehicle
  • the driving history of your vehicle
  • how much you use your vehicle (how often you drive and how many kilometres per year)

We’ll then put together a recommended service plan that is specifically suited for you. If you have a newer car, we may see you only once a year. If your car is older, there may be a few things that need checking every 6 months.

Roskill Auto Mechanical service pricing

We provide a range of mechanical services and maintenance checks to keep your vehicle safe and to help maintain its value for as long as possible. Options include:

  • Regular car service appointments – Basic from $210
  • Regular car service appointments – Standard from $265
  • Brakes Check – prices vary depending on your vehicle’s condition.
  • Transmission Service – prices vary depending on your vehicle’s condition.
  • Air Conditioning Servicing – $270
  • Car Tyre Care Package – $165
  • Wheel Alignment – $85
  • Pre-Purchase Car Inspection – $170

We use state-of-the-art equipment and technology to diagnose and repair, and use only top-of-the-line products to look after your vehicle. For example, we prefer to use top brand oils because it’s the best quality and will make a difference in how your engine runs. We don’t scrimp on products, time or attention needed for your vehicle. Our focus is on keeping you safe on the road and providing exactly what you need at fair price.

Read more about our service option details and pricing. Here you can also refer to our helpful Pricing Comparison Chart that helps you see at a glance the differences between each service offering. All our prices are GST inclusive.

Roskill Auto Mechanical service – value beyond the price

In addition to price, we encourage you to take other factors into consideration when looking at the value of your servicing:

  • excellent customer service you will get from the Roskill Auto Mechanical team
  • our responsiveness and turn-around time
  • the ability to use a loaner vehicle when one is available
  • our ability to liaise with your insurance company, if needed
  • the experience of our team working on all makes and models of vehicles

Give us a call on 09 242 1870 and we can discuss the service level that is best for you, your vehicle and your specific driving patterns.

Contact us online or call us on 09 242 1870 for a free quote or to book an appointment.

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