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Over the many years that we’ve been looking after people’s vehicles, we’ve noticed three key things that are important to drivers.

Whether you own your vehicle, lease a company car, or use a work van or ute, we all generally have similar priorities:

  1. We want our vehicle to be safe to drive
  2. We want it to be affordable to run
  3. We want it to stay in good condition and look good (or, for some, make us look good)

Why do we, as mechanics pay attention to these three priorities? Because providing you with excellent car servicing in Auckland means we can help achieve all of these things.

There are several benefits to regularly servicing your car, which fall neatly into these three priorities.

Regular car servicing will help catch problems early

Your vehicle is made up of many components, and some of these need to be replaced or repaired from time to time. If a part is damaged or worn out, the earlier it’s detected, the better. A regular service will include checking things like your tyres, suspension, steering, brakes, etc. You’ll want to know of any dangerous wear and tear on these parts before things become dangerous or expensive.

Regular service will also check fluid levels (brakes, coolant, hydraulics, etc), the oil level and quality, the battery, etc. You don’t want to wait until these things have run out or stopped performing properly. Like most things, prevention is much easier and more affordable than repairing any damage that is already done.

Regular car servicing helps us spot any issues that might make your car dangerous to operate

One of the most common things we find during regular servicing is tyre tread levels that are close to the minimum allowable depth. Low tyre tread can make your vehicle extremely unsafe to drive. If your car is not gripping the road because your tyres have insufficient tread, you are unnecessarily putting yourself and others in danger.

Low tyre tread is also a common reason why many cars don’t pass their warrant of fitness (WOF) check. This then takes your car off the road at an unscheduled, inconvenient time. It’s best to prevent this from happening by staying on top of it with regular maintenance.

A regular car service appointment may also help us detect future problems with your brake system – with the brakes themselves, the brake pads or the brake fluid. Again, you don’t want to find out your vehicle has issues after it’s too late.

Another issue we sometimes discover through regular car service appointments is flaws or faults in a vehicle’s suspension or chassis. If a vehicle has been in a collision and hasn’t been properly assessed afterwards, you may be driving around with a very unsafe car or truck. Just a minor bump or fender bender afterwards may be all it takes to result in a serious crash causing preventable injuries.

Regular car servicing will help you save money in the long run

As we’ve said, preventative maintenance is always better value for money than repairing or replacing damaged parts. Regularly changing your oil and cleaning your filters is much cheaper than repairing or replacing the engine altogether. Similarly, regularly rotating your tyres and having a wheel alignment done is more affordable than replacing tyres that have worn out prematurely or having major repair work done to your suspension system.

Another way that regular car servicing helps you save money is in fuel consumption. A car that is regularly serviced and maintained runs more efficiently. In turn, it uses less fuel than a vehicle that revs too high, doesn’t brake efficiently, or doesn’t have a clean exhaust system.

If you are frustrated at Auckland’s fuel prices, it pays to invest in proper car servicing and maintenance with experts like Roskill Auto Mechanical.

Regular car servicing will help your vehicle look its best

It’s a known fact that when you see the same thing every day, you don’t always notice the smaller details. You might not notice the paint chip that is gradually getting larger. You may not notice that the chip in the windscreen has actually started to develop minor cracks around the edges. You also may not notice other nicks and scratches on your car’s exterior. But we do notice these things, and we love to fix them.

Regular car servicing will make your car worth more

Another proven fact is that cars that are kept in good condition and looking their best tend to retain a higher value. You may not be thinking of selling your car at the moment, but you will eventually or you will want to trade it in for another one. The price you fetch is largely dependent on how well you’ve looked after your vehicle. A car that runs well and looks good is a more valuable car that will sell for a higher price.

Think about it yourself. If you’re buying a car and the vendor can provide you with records of regular service and maintenance appointments, aren’t you more likely to want to pay for that one over a vehicle that hasn’t been looked after?

At Roskill Auto Mechanical, we keep records of all of your service appointments. We will let you know how often you need to come see us, and what kind of service plan will get you the most value out of your vehicle.

With regular car servicing at Roskill Auto Mechanical in Auckland, we’ll keep you safe on the road, help your vehicle hold its value, and help your car (and you) look good!

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Benefits of a regular car service